The Best Real Estate Strategy to Use when You are Just Starting Out 


‚ÄčThe Connect with Cash-Buyers Everyday Bootcamp

is OPEN for enrollment and on promotion until this Friday.

So here's what this is:

A 30 Day Bootcamp to help you build your cash-buyers list from scratch allowing you to immediately get started with the wholesaling strategy and get a running start with real estate investing.

You get:

  • The exact strategy I used to secure $1.4M in funding for my real estate deals using the wholesaling strategy.
  • Live training throughout the entire month of July to help you connect with buyers.
  • Video tutorials on how to do each step of the process to securing buyers with an over-the-shoulder view of my screen.
  • The exact scripts I use for reaching out to buyers so you know exactly what to say and how to say it.
  • Information about which contracts to use for buyers so that bad contracts don't prevent you from receiving your assignment fees.
  • A private community of aspiring investors to connect and collaborate with during this entire process.

All for just $97. Promotion ends this Friday.