Here's What You'll Get Out of Your Breakthrough Session

Every business owner needs a solid sales strategy relevant to where they are in business, a simple yet actionable plan to execute, the right tools to do the job, and real accountability in order to create sustainable results.

That's what this call is about. 

In just 45 minutes, we will discuss exactly where you are right now, where you desire to go, what is standing in your way, and your best next steps to get there without wasting another minute.

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Step 1

Apply for a breakthrough session with Amanda and the Honest Investors team.


Step 2

Check your email for confirmation of the time and date you've selected including details about where to login for your session.


Step 3

Grab your notebook and get ready to get world-class insights on what it takes to get to your next level!

If you don't see a time that works on this calendar, send Amanda a message on social media here.

What Others Are Saying About Us

I've invested well over $40,000 in other training and nothing comes even remotely close to the value that Amanda and her team brings through their training and committment to your follow-through. 

I thought this would be like other courses where I didn't finish but Amanda held me accountable.

Shakita billups  

With Amanda's direct support I was able to close a deal I needed to sell in less than two weeks with no prior experience with wholesaling. Amanda won't leave you behind. She truly cares about your success and consistently goes above and beyond for her people.


Take it from me someone who has spent lots of money on other training. Amanda Hines is an honest and excellent coach qualified to help you advance your business. She does not hold back or give you bits and pieces for you to figure out the rest. Investing in your business with Amanda is good ground.

Kathy Byrd  

Your lead trainer and coach

Amanda Hines

Amanda Hines is a world-class business coach, real estate leader, speaker, and more to thousands of entrepreneurs. She has turned her decade of experience and genius into actionable simple to implement training and development for those ready for more. 

Her goal is to take 1000 ambitious entrepreneurs to financial independence through education, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship.