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Hi, I am Amanda Hines.

I closed my first real estate deal in just 9 months with zero previous real estate experience, no real estate license, and the worst credit you could imagine… after I learned how to secure real cash buyers that get real estate deals done + find qualified deals. Now, I've gotten it down to a science and can find a *hot buyer* out of thin air any time (and as often) as I like. I've built an active buyers network with more than $100M in combined funding and have put at least $100K worth of real estate deals under contract.

I've helped hundreds of individuals understand how to start strong and scale fast with real estate! If you are ready to get off the sidelines and finally jump both feet into real estate eliminating all excuses, join me for my next bootcamp. You'll walk away with proven to close cash buyers for your real estate deals in no time.

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Get connected with committed wholesalers and active investors with a common purpose.

  • Regular Live training & resources offered. 
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  • The only cost for access is to show up, engage, and take massive action.
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Find 5-7 Good Deals Every Month Without Skip-tracing, Cold-calling, or Door-Knocking.

  • Backed By Real Business Acumen & Strategic Insights.
  • Proven to Create Rapid Results Worth Thousands.
  • Access Available Immediately Upon Purchase.

In just 5 days, I give away my secrets to securing over 100 proven cash buyers in my market for my wholesaling deals without dangling deals under contract. (Yes, really!)

Hundreds of participants have already secured their buyers.

Ngozika Olofin

If you're looking for some SERIOUS SUPPORT to help you achieve your business goals, hook up with Amanda, fast! I'm yet to meet someone as devoted to your success as she is; she goes to great lengths to help you achieve your goals.

To Amanda, your background/limitations don't define you. If anything, they're the very recipe for your next level of success. I love her clear style of communication and the fact that she won't mince words or sugarcoat the truth. She is real, honest.

Talking to her gave me clarity and direction for where my business is headed next. I can't wait to see where I go from here.

Laura Strausbaugh 

She is absolutely amazing. Not only does Amanda offer bundles at a price far less than their actual value, she goes out of her way to help you before ever becoming a client of hers. She genuinely wants to help others and is an absolute inspiration.

Anna Andrea

Amanda has this intuition when she sees your strategies that can pinpoint where and how it's broken! She's super nice also to talk to very eloquent and straight to the point. I loved my consultation with her!

Vanessa Butler

I am a new client of Amanda’s. She’s been amazing so far. She genuinely cares about my success in my business and I appreciate that so much.

Mary Alton

You are so easy to understand, you keep us engaged the more I learn the more I want to learn. I most enjoy your integrity, honest practices, no fluff instruction and dedication to quality content as you raise the bar. 

Ryan Paqette

Amanda is nice, professional, and knows what she is talking about! I highly recommend her services

Ryann Dowdy

Amanda is amazing to work with. Her training is tactical, insightful, and it WORKS! Not to mention, she practices what she preaches!

Andrea Thomas

She was really able to give me insight when it came to acquiring the subject, as well as text messaging campaigns. I was able to get my first buyer through one of her lists!

Odalys Gonzalez

Amanda Hines has very good content and most of the time she offers all her nuggets for free! $37 is nothing compared to what other 'gurus' offer around with much less content and leaving lots of info left out so people have to actually buy further information (training). Just my honest and humble opinion.

Join the community for wholesalers with ethics and integrity.

Every investor in our community has been hand-selected to be there. So you never have to worry about dealing with someone that doesn't align with good values. 

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